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Business Consulting That Puts You in Total Control of Your Future 


With my expert consulting & coaching team you will be learning how to scale your business in this complex economy!

It has never been easier than in our High-Tech learning platform built just for you. 


Get full access to my online Pro Business Consulting and Coaching today !

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The secret weapon of successful business owners and fail proofing your financial & media marketing operations !

The simple 5 Star system

Business Credit 

Investor Pitch

Accounting and Financial Reporting

Media and Marketing Scaling tools to help Increase Sales and Profit margins along with inside power activities  that help dial into Key Performance Indicators at your fingertips so you know your business is running at optimal performance.

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Charity Brown and Now Answer Group Guide Entrepreneurs through the Minefield of Various Business Challenges



This is an invitation to skip the 10,000 hours of investment it would take to achieve mastery and learn from someone who knows the path.

Why not open yourself to some serious power, leverage and guidance that will help quadruple your efficiencies in business and give your control while skipping unnecessary struggle? 

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Here’s how I’m different from other consultants. I am not only a consultant, and an innovative entrepreneur that has helped 100’s of business owners in multiple niches : 


Non Profits 



Financial agencies , and sooo many  proprietors/ freelancers.

I've stood on the front lines of owning and operating multi location restaurants and bars. I have also owned an operated my own accounting agency for almost 2 decades... I come with an arsenal of tools and knowledge .

I know I can help you with those complex business process and  I will help you design the strategy that will cut out the stumbling blocks, while you dial in on how to increase your profit margins.

I will help you get laser focused on your finances and help you master your marketing.

My programs and my expert consulting will dial in your financial GPS to help manage your business seamlessly.

I will work with you to craft your offers and  policies and procedures to help eliminate mass confusion and chaos.

NOT EVERY Consultant  will have real business knowledge, 20+ years’ proven experience in applying the strategies they teach and have a solid and profitable million-dollar business they built personally with 100’s of other business they’ve helped succeed!

Get full access to my online Pro Business Consulting and Coaching TODAY! 

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